Marianne Sibille — Creative Director & Interactive Designer

Memphis CVB – Print & Digital Products

Brand development, Visitor Guide, Meeting Planner and Website design. Since redesign.

Here is a project that I loved to do because it was creating the whole product from the start. We had the opportunity to create and develop Memphis CVB brand for their three main products visitor guide, meeting planner and I worked with a diverse team to created editorial concepts, sales ideas, marketing solutions, layout ideas, brand development, UI and UX design.

To come up with their brand development, I was lucky to visit Memphis for three days and what a beautiful city it is. It is inspiring with history, culture, music, food, energy, the river, and the people. Then, of course, the client had done a great photo shoot for their new ad campaigns, but these were just the concepts of the photos, not the actual brand or the message. They asked us to create their brand and to help them with the messaging.

ForMemphis Convention Visitor Bureau, TN – under Miles RoleCreative Director/Designer

Memphis Convention & Visitors Bureau – Brand Development (since redesign)

Brand development for print and digital products

Color selection by picking main colors of local photography.

Memphis CVB, TN. Colors

Memphis CVB, TN. Color Selection

Memphis CVB, TN. Typography.

Memphis Map & Tourist Guide Cover and Spreads

My favorite cover. For this cover, we did many rounds and many revisions. To finally agree on this final cover. I did photography selection, typography selection and created my own handwriting to give a personal and friendly feel to the cover as well as the rest of the guide. The concept for the whole brand was to show how Memphis has a unique feel during the day and totally different feel during the night. The visitor can experience two Memphis in one day. To showcase this concept the use of black and white color, bright neon colors as well as a font that resemble neon was used on the design.

See online book:

Winner of Suncoast ADDY Silver – Magazine Spread Award 2012

Main Spread Feature: Come Play Around in Memphis (1of 2).

Brand Creation and Implementation, Design Layout, Cover Design, Map Design, Iconography, Photography, Listings Design.

Main Spread Feature: Come Play Around in Memphis (2 of 4)

Main Spread Feature: Come Play Around in Memphis (3 of 4)

Main Spread Feature: Come Play Around in Memphis (4 of 4)

Memphis Destination & Sports Planning Guide Cover

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Memphis Destination & Sports Planning Guide opening spread – Since redesigned 2013

Winner of Web Marketing Association (WMA) Travel Standard of Excellence Award 2011 and 2012

Brand Implementation, Web Design, User Interface Design, Iconography.

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