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Here are my proudest covers' samples I have done over the years for different DMO clients. Some of them required developing the photography concept by hiring photographers and illustrators. In other cases, the client provided photography and direction.

The goal on all these covers was to sell the destination, an experience, a feeling. Keeping in mind that all these travel guides are available for free.

RoleArt Director ForAll Miles unless otherwise noted

CONCEPT: Santa Monica Official Visitors Guide – Santa Monica, CA

This a conceptual work for a new RFP. The goal was to showcase warmth and youth by mixing colors from their logo. Diagonal angles that are part of their brand and using photography that has a warmth of colors as well as the composition of the couple. It has a Santa Monica feel. Relax, friendly, hip, modern and laidback.

Cover design, brand implementation, design layout, photography section

Sarasota Florida’s Gulf Coast Cover – Sarasota CVB

For that year, Siesta Beach won the best beach in America by Dr. Beach one of the world's foremost beach experts in the United States. This is huge news for Sarasota Florida's Gulf Coast CVB and for the whole county. This will bring lots of tourist to Sarasota County. The goal was to find a good photo of Siesta Beach which shows its iconic sugar powder sands, their colorful lifeguard houses, and beautiful sunny day. I want it to accentuate their brand colors of yellow and cyan and this photo really helped to achieve that.

Cover design, brand creation and implementation, design layout, photography section

CONCEPT: ExperienNCes Quarterly Magazine Cover - Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina

Currently, NC has a visitor guide and we proposed a quarterly magazine to updated their current guide and to give the visitors a richer and inspiring content. The magazine will have unique stories per season. On these covers, I worked on creating a new masthead taking advantage that the new name for the magazine has the NC in the name. I want it to have a white border to give a clean look. Each cover per season can have its unique details with typography and feel, but keeping the integrity of typography and the style of photography across all covers.

For Spring, I want it to show the map illustration (by Teressane Russell) that is part of the main story for that issue. For Summer, I want it to feel fresh, hot but keeping a nice elegant feel with the style of typography used to showcase content pieces. For Fall, I want it to give more personality and playing more with a rustic feel with the style of the photo as well as typography treatment. For Winter, I just want it to feel clean, fresh and inviting.

Cover design, masthead concept, brand implementation, design layout, photography section

West Virginia Official Travel Guide – West Virginia Division of Tourism

2008 ADDY Winner for Best Cover.

I want it to show how Wild and Wonderful West Virginia is by using it tagline to the max. The idea was to find a balance between Wild and Wonderful tagline. By tradition, visitor guides cover always have many photos trying to cover all the activities the state has to offer. But I want it to bring a fresh feel and something new in the world of Visitor Guides.

I found a Wonderful photo (mystical looking) that plays well against Wild illustrations of all the attractions you can do in West Virginia. For the illustrations, I want to show how all the attractions are connected by the same line. Because that is what the visitor can experience in West Virginia. Endless Wild and Wonderful experiences.

One single line to represent all the attractions the visitor can experience in West Virginia.

Cover Design, Brand Development & Implementation, Design Layout, Illustration Direction. Illustrations by Tom Post.

The Official Chicago Destination Guide – Choose Chicago

Since the design and editorial concept was approved early on conception stages, I had a pretty good idea of how I wanted the cover to look like. The client wanted the visitors guide to look sleek, sexy, elegant and high-end for their target audiences. Since I was using a four color gold for graphic elements on the guide, I want it to bring a metallic color on the cover, since printing metallic for the interior pages was out of the budget.

My idea was to show how cosmopolitan the city is by juxtaposition Chicago’s amazing skyline with the closeness of art and architecture available to the visitor.

The Cloud Gate or “The Bean” at Millenium Park is one of many iconic pieces of art that attracts a lot of travelers to the city of Chicago.

Cover concept, photography selection, production design and pre-press production.

The Directory Chicago’s Best Bets – Choose Chicago

The design concept, photography selection, photo montage, typography selection was all following an urban feel. I want to make it fresh, urban, modern. The goal for The Directory Chicago's Best Bets was to provide the traveler in-market an easy and fun directory of what to do in Chicago by creating the design and content to feel like a blog on paper. Then the traveler is encouraged to discover more information from website.

The Official Visitors Guide San Jose - San Jose CVB, CA

One of the boldest cover design I did for the DMOs industry at the time. I was happy that the client went with the idea. San Jose, CA is in the Silicon Valley, but how do you sell a destination for a family vacation when it is known for its technology and not that many unique attractions compare to other cities nearby. After reviewing their photo library and no photo budget to shoot a cover, I came up with the idea of using the exact colors breakdown of RGB and CMYK to represent light and energy. Then playing with typography treatment to give personality and flow to the content. Plus, I needed it make sure that the guide gets picked up from their rack located on different welcome centers, venues, and businesses for in-market travelers to use. It was a great cover and it had a great reception from the industry.

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Cover design, brand creation and Implementation, typography setting