Marianne Sibille — Creative Director & Interactive Designer

Magazine Layout

Art Direction, Graphic Design and Layout, Illustration, Iconography, Photography Production

I’m proud to show you a few samples of my print work. You will see the different steps I take when creating a visitor guide, a magazine or a book, from branding creation, design layout, photography, cover concept and illustrations to the organization of content – I do it all.

All these guides are targeted at the tourism industry. And the goal is to inspire travelers as well to help them find what they are looking for in a destination. I’m always pushing the envelope to connect print with the digital world.

All these magazines were created for Miles and with a team of producers, editors, PMs and many more.

ForAll Miles unless otherwise noted RoleSenior Art Director
Date2017-2009 – Print + Digital Visitors Guide Concept Proposal

Print Guide Concept

Outdoors Lover spread followed by a spread of sponsored content

Sponsored content spread. Opportunity for three sponsored or a co-op.

Digital Magazine Concept

Official Washington State Visitors' Guide
Look and Feel

Official Washington State Visitors' Guide
Design Concept

Discover the Colors of Washington. The goal was to show the different experiences and how vibrant and colorful Washington State really is. We want to change the perception of potential visitors that Washington State does not rain all the time. Photography, typography, and colors selection, design and editorial concept.

Opening Spread 1 of 2

Opening spread 2 of 2

Region Map of Washington State. The user can scan the spread by using Layar App and they can discover more information about each location pointed on the map. Illustration made by Teresanne Russell.

Chicago Destination Guide. Choose Chicago CVB
Featured Spread

Featured Spread: Spectacular 7 (1 of 3)

Brand Implementation, Design Layout, Cover Design, Listings Design.

See online book:

Featured Spread: Spectacular 7 (2 of 3)

Featured Spread: Spectacular 7 (3 of 3)

Albuquerque Official Visitor Guide
Featured Spread (Opener)

Featured Spread (1 of 3)

Cover Design, Brand Creation & Implementation, Design Layout, Illustrations.

See online book:

Featured Spread (2 of 3)

Featured Spread (3 of 3)

West Virginia Division of Tourism Official Travel Guide

Winner of multiples ADDY Awards for design layout as well as photoshop enhance.

We worked with two local photographers to take the same photo, at the same location on all four seasons. The final photo was then stitched together in photoshop and enhanced. I came up with the concept and sold the idea to the client as well as the photographers. I also had to manage the time and money for the photoshoot.

Seasonal gatefold.

Brand Creation and Implementation, Art Creation, Photography Direction Design Layout.

Brand Creation and Implementation, Design Layout, Cover Design, Map Design, Iconography, Photography, Listings Design.

Experience Kissimmee, Florida
Visitors Guide Concept Proposal

Won their business.

The goal of this spread was to bring UGC to a print form which then the user could socialized by scanning the page using the Layar application. As well as to share their favorite vacation photo from Experience Kissimmee.

Content concept, photography selection and brand implementation.