Marianne Sibille — Creative Director & Interactive Designer

Logos, Iconography, Stationery

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All of these logos were created for clients or proposed for potential clients. Professional Reporters, Inc. and DWY were published under LogoLounge Master Library, Volume 3: 3,000 Shapes and Symbols Logos.

These unique logos play with typography as well as iconography.

My style is very clean and modern. Using the negative and positive space to create an illusion. Also, using printing techniques to create a bold look and making the product stand out.

RoleCreative Director Date2019-2008
ForVarious clients

LiquidCulture logo (Surf brand) was done under Edelsbacher Design Group Advertising Agency, Sarasota, FL.

I-CON SPORTS Logo was published under Master Library Vol. 3: “Shapes and Symbols Logos”

Mechanizmo Mobile App (iOs & Android) – Logo creation and iconography

RoCuartin Arte – Brand Development

RoCuartin Arte is a Venezuelan artist that want it an elegant but hip + urban feel to her new brand. Making sure to represent her country (Venezuela) in their designs.

Aza – A Classical Pianist – Logo Development

Logo variations. Playing with the piano key by making her name be part of it.

DWY Landscape Architecture – Brand Development

I worked with the client to design a logo that plays with their initials. Connecting their initials under an imaginary square box create the illusion of a blueprint. After the development of the logo came the stationery creation. We wanted to give a clean and modern look to the letterhead, envelopes, and business cards. 2-color print process used.

Professional Reporters, Inc. – Brand Development

Logo published under LogoLounge Master Library, Volume 3: 3,000 Shapes and Symbols Logos.

The Table/Mesa Lounge – Logo and Brand Development

The colors and the modern look reflected the interior design of the restaurant.

Lodo design, business cards design.

Math Tutors – Logo Development