Marianne Sibille — Creative Director & Interactive Designer

Digital Work (Proposals/Conceptual)

Art direction, design development, brand development, content ideas, digital work, UX design, UI design, marketing

I’m proud to show you all the digital work that I have done to obtain new businesses under Miles. Many of these designs were key to obtain new businesses and new partnerships. Of course, these designs are just a portion of the huge work that goes into responding RFP (Request for Proposal) with the team.

ForAll Miles unless otherwise noted RoleSenior Art Director/UX Designer

Destination DC – Digital Proposal and Conceptual Designs for the new

IDEA: We recommended a robust CMS website starting from content to design. The goal of the site is to inspire and show how cool, trending, modern Destination DC is. What I did on this proposal: Brand development, UX design, UI design, web design, responsive design, content strategy, photography selection.

To create a very modern and visual main navigation. Large photography and the use of many UI interactions. We suggested a video for the main panel in where the user will be able to control where to go in DC via video.

The second panel, we want a visual display of all the major iconic places of DC. The user will be able to interact by changing the photo from day to night. By doing this, the user will learn new things that each of these iconic places can offer depending on the time of day.

The third panel, the opportunity to showcase each neighborhood in a unique way. We can geo-target a specific neighborhood per user. We also want it to give a quick glimpse of the diversity each neighborhood can offer to the visitor.

The left-hand navigation is “sticky” and stays available even as the user scroll. In these screens, I’m showing how the search field interacts. The user types what is looking for and the menu will expand (fly-out) to the right revealing additional search features such as exploring by Trending Now, Explore by Date and See Location Nearby (geo-location). Also, the user will be able to see previously visited pages on the website.

The goal for the Meeting Microsite was to make it very visual and to show all the different venues available in Destination DC. By showing each venue’s location and capacity, we are offering the meeting planner a quick view of the options they have when planning a meeting in DC. We created a visually rich design that combines large photography, bright colors, and bold illustrative components. For this design, we want it the client to focus on content and not on main nav or footer. However, it will follow the same format as the consumer site.

Conceptual work for Sundance Mountain Resort, Utah - Digital RFP

Ohio Development Services Agency – Digital Proposal for

Won their business.

Williamsburg CVB, Virginia – Web Development Proposal

Won their business.

AMTRAK Vacations – Digital Proposal and Conceptual Designs

The goal for the proposed homepage design is selling the experience of the destination first. Get the user inspired by the destination by creating completing and engaging content mixed in with beautiful photography. Once the user is inspired by content and ideas, help them make the booking their vacation package.

Front and center we have a custom search field where the user can search by region, city, landmark and/or vacation type and/or Duration. Also, we want it to implement get smart content to target specific special for this specific target audience from California to visit Seattle.

The whole design was thought out to be a modular design.

Destination Page

On this page, we want to inspire the user by learning more about this destination/trip with the ability to right away get value for this vacation package. Plus, showing similar vacation packages with of how many days, what is the value, trip itinerary and how many people have liked each of the vacation packages to help the user learn more and be inspired by price as well as the destination.

Another big idea was to bring an authentic voice to the website which it didn’t have by creating new content from locally selected travelers and guest blogger to contribute with Travel Stories for the website.

Visit South Walton CVB, Florida – Digital Proposal and Conceptual Design